Monday, October 25, 2004

Bengals = inspired blogging

Got a million thoughts goin on in my head as I sit here and take in the Bengals first MNF home game in 15 freakin' years and that alone was enough to turn me from being down, sluggish, and stressed out to full blown spazzin...I Believe In The Bunguls!!!

Actually had started bloggin' some last week so let's knock those thoughts out of the way first as they are gonna be dated before much longer...

I out STATed myself on two items recently that once again, didn't even dawn on me until I was just looking blankly at some handwritten notes and they jumped off the page at me:

1-Corey Edsel has won 2 Mid-Atlantic titles, 2 years apart, and won them both at a CWF show entitled "The Next Level".

2-Through 6 NFL weeks, my 6 favorite teams have won a combined 6 games. That is both a disturbing and very sad fact...

Boy, it seems year after year these MLB Championship series are just off the charts. Last year we got treated to probably one of the most exciting playoff runs ever from start to finish and this year is on up there too. The difference in the level of play from the regular season to the playoffs in baseball is just unreal. Yes, the NFL playoffs are awesome and I love them to death but the variance in quality is nowhere NEAR what it is in baseball. During the regular season I barely heard one mention from a worker about how the season was going. Last week I swear everyone out there was either talking about the playoffs or had it on their away message.

I have no real cheering interest in the playoffs this year (the Giants and A's are my teams). It was mainly a case of whoever was playing the Yankees. And man alive, I know the feeling Boston fans are having right now. After chasing for SO long and coming SO close and losing SO many times, they FINALLY got over that hump that was called the Yankees. That feeling is exactly why the '94 NFC Championship is still my favorite football game ever with the 49ers FINALLY getting over that elusive hump by beating the Cowboys in the title game after failing the two previous years. Of course the 49ers hadn't been chasing a title since 1918 either. The SuperBowl honestly seemed like an afterthought once they got past the Cowboys and thankfully for the suicide rate in Boston right now, they're still taking the World Series very seriously.

There are certain things that you come across in life that pass you by and you spend your remaining years trying to futility hunt them back down, sometimes with little success. For many, this would refer to a member of the opposite sex. In fact in 1997 I let something slip through my hands and ever since I have searched far and wide to reclaim it. I've searched all over the Internet in every search engine and website possible. And no, I'm not referring to Jessica Krause which is a totally different story. This has gone from being a goofy expenditure to an obsessive quest. Something that only I would be driven absolutely bonkers about. It's the rare, to say the least, second CD released by "the Wedgies" entitled "Brat out of Hell". Now for the uninitiated, the Wedgies are a rock band out of Green Bay, WI (of all places) that are known for their various Packers tribute songs. Their first CD is MUCH easier to come by as it was released shortly before SuperBowl XXXI and every freakin' cheeshead in the world gobbled it up. However, "Brat out of Hell" was released between SBowls 31 and 32 and quickly vanished from the face of the earth after the heartbreaking loss to the Broncos and John "I owe my life savings to Terrell Davis cause I fucking suck" Elway. Anyways, the CD is so rare that despite my best efforts to try and track it down on Kazaa and MinMX, I still couldn't download anything. Even repeated posts to the Packers newsgroups came up empty. And of course, the Wedgies don't have a website which prevents me from even being able to order the damn thing. It's been so long I can't even recall the tracks except for ONE specific one, "Welcome to the Tundra", a take off of the GNR classic. Well, I FINALLY found it on eBay earlier today and if I lose that damn auction I may just have to cry. Much like the BoSox and the World Series title, I almost expect it to be ripped from my clutches at the very last second leaving me chasing the damn thing for another 86 years.

For those that don't know from time to time I will get horribly intense migraines. As in "bring me to my knees, hurling in the parking lot so the Domino's driver asks me if I'm gonna live" kinda headaches. I just figured it was hereditary (which I'm sure still partially is) as my Dad's headaches are so bad he actually has to take oxygen for them. But a couple of months back my Mom showed me an article on migraines and I usually won't pay a bit of attention to medical mumbo jumbo. However, after paying attention to WHEN I get them, I'm resigned to the truth: Hot Dogs are not my friend. Medically, it's explain as such: "Exposure to nitrite compounds - which are used as a chemical to preserve meat - and foods prepared with monosodium glutamate (MSG) can result in a headache." Great. One of my absolute favorite pastimes, harkening back to the glory days of my gluttony at Zack's in Burlington, and IT's one of the reasons I can't function without snorting like a dozen Goody powders some days.

Backing up a bit, yes, I'm under an insane amount of stress right now. It sucks cause it seems like this has been THE theme for 2004 and it's getting REALLY tiring. As I've said before here, you control your own destiny and luck so rather than bitch about it for 5 paragraphs (which I could easily do), I'm trying to direct my frustration into motivation and actually do something about it. Moving to Raleigh seems to be a foregone conclusion at this point and I will go ahead and tell everyone now, as spazzy as I shall attempt to be, I don't think I'm gonna be the Spaz every knows and loves until that whole ordeal is over and done with. I'm very impatient with getting this whole thing done and over with and hopefully be able to right the wrongs of 2004 and get my life back into some form of bearable financial shape. If I have one goal for 2005 it would be to rectify the disaster that was 2004 (in that aspect anyways). In other areas, 2004 has actually been a GREAT year in regards to the wrestling business and my reborn mental individualism. I'm still somewhat confused by what is exactly wanted and expected out of me by certain individuals but no matter what, I'm still gonna go 100 MPH and do my damnedest to get everything accomplished that I can possibly do. If the pace I work at and the drive I have to take care of everyone in both the biz and my personal life still cannot satisfy someone then I would love anyone to step into not only my shoes, but my state of mind and try to do more.

Ya know I have no clue what I'm gonna write about sometimes...I had a bunch of things on my mind headed into this blog and man, that last paragraph came off somewhat....harsh?, just chalk it up to the stress but I ain't changing nothin cause it's REAL...for someone so full of love for everyone he's around, I still have some bitter feelings buried in there somewhere...

Along the same vein, as much as I love being on the go, the last 24 hours have been the first time where I really felt worn out in a long time. That only adds to my desire to get this move over and done with cause I'm afraid I'm going to have this feeling stuck with me until it's complete. To add to everything, I actually felt...lonely? Definitely not an emotion I'm used to as being without any siblings, I've always done a tremendous job of entertaining myself. And god knows I still do NOT want ANYone up my ass 24/7 but I've had such a wonderful time with others lately that I'm kinda itching to be anywhere but here. If I could be anywhere right now, it'd love to be at the new place in Raleigh with friends from ALL over watchin RAW, MNF, and playing Xbox. Like goofy dream matchups of Yamaha trying to carry on a conversation with Winterstein. And to be able to hang out with parties that wouldn't result in any heat (or personal uncomfort). Ah, the perfect world....

As my BLOGing energy begins to wind down before I even have everything out that's actually on my mind, I must turn my thoughts to this past Saturday and the traditional show review. CWF Mid-Atlantic had one of their best crowds of the year at the Fairchild Recreation Center in Burlington, NC for a REALLY solid show (running theme for them since midsummer).

1. Magno, Jesse Ortega, and Dexter Poindexter defeated Brad Attitude, Krazy K, and J-Money in 12:51 of a lucha rules match: Ortega pinned Money in 12:01...Attitude pinned Ortega in 12:23...Magno pinned Attitude in 12:51: Oh how I hate lucha. BUT ya know...I actually enjoyed this match. Far less blown stuff than you would expect in the spotfest that it is. Pretty much everyone was ON in this match and even J-Money, who certainly doesn't work a lucha style, didn't seem out of place at all. Not a lick of psychology of course but as a frenetic, fast paced opener, you can't ask for much more. A LOT better than the very similar 6-man opener to the CMLL show in Greensboro. ***1/2.

2. Tank Lawson pinned Rob "the Bull" McBride in 7:32: Rob had some goofy ass clown in his corner who I think we all wanted to beat with sticks by the end of the night. The clown blows a big boot spot twice which begs the question, "How the fuck do you blow a big boot spot when your boot is the size of a small child?". But Binky pulls it off and boots Tank in the kneecaps TWICE. Ughhh...the plus side: heel goes over clean in the upset! Whoo hoo! Tank does show constant improvement. *.

3. Venus and Krissy Vaine defeated Amber O'Neal and GeeStar in 8:31 when Venus pinned GeeStar: I actually liked this match better than the wrestlers that were actually in it as everything looked much crisp and the pacing seemed much better than some of the previous women's tags over the past couple of months. There were a couple of points in this match that did bother me in the sense of wrestlers not truly understanding the role of their characters in specific matches which is a theme I run into with several workers on the scene and will probably be a completely separate editorial one day soon. The work was fine though. **

4. Kid Justice and the Mid-Atlantic tag team champions Brass Munkey and American Steel Ninja defeated "Tremendous" Trent Wylde and Twisted Aggression (Mitch Norris and Sean Powers) in 9:09 when Justice pinned Wylde: For the most part a repeat of the regular series between Munkey/Ninja-TA with the repeat of the regular finish between Justice and Wylde thrown in for good measure. **1/4.

5. "Mighty" Orlo Helmer pinned Super Mack in 3:04: A total squash, which was the intent, although it probably went a minute too long even for that. In good conscious, even though I loe everyone involved here, I really can't give this thing any form of rating. DUD.

6. Garry "Madd Trucker" Stevens pinned CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight champion "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel in 8:21 of a non-title match: Another in the frequent father-son matchup of 2004. Actually not on par with some of their previous bouts. Not bad by any means but just not up to their usual standards. *3/4.

7. Number Man and Kamakazi Kid defeated Xsiris and CWF Mid-Atlantic TV champion Mikael Yamaha in 16:43 when Kamakazi pinned Yamaha: Awesome, awesome match. This Yamaha/Xsiris vs. Kazi/random partner series of matches this year has just been fantastic. Probably second only to Corey-Ric as far as an outstanding overall series of 2004. Thankfully, Xsiris behaved and worked like the heel that he's supposed to be which added an extra * to the match for that alone. Great old school tag team formula stuff with an incredible finishing sequence hilighted by Yamaha DYING and seconds later almost getting into a fight at ringside trying to take a chair from a fan. ****1/2

8. "Slick" Ric Converse pinned David Flair in 11:13: The basic match you would expect from Flair with the old school style and traditional spots. Nothing spectacular but all was very solid. Hilight was Ric's full moon which got a tremendous pop from the female contingent in the back. A year from now I have the feeling that moment will be referred to moreso than anything else on the show which is either a testament to a poor show or the quality of Ric's posterior. **3/4

Overall thoughts: Wonderful crowd in that 175-200 range which brought back a flood of memories from the early days of CWF when the Rec Centers were a monthly occurrence. A very refreshing change of pace and nothin but love for this show as a whole.

Well, time to wrap this one up and keep all those other deep thoughts saved for another time and to all!

Monday, October 18, 2004

I have returned!

Man alive, I haven't updated this sucker in forever by my standards as I've been running all over this freakin' state between wrestling shows, work, and my general extracurricular activities.

I really want to go back and recap the entire past week and a half but god only knows how long this entry will run before I get to today. Eh, let's see where I can get before I blow up...

Gee, K, and Amber headed to PA for WXW last weekend (10/8) leaving me by myself with enough gas in my car tank to leave me the freedom that will always inevitably lead to no good. I ended up getting a whopping 7 hours sleep within a 67 HOUR PERIOD which was probably pushing it a bit to say the least. I was groomed to be a loner since birth, being an only child and for years just knowing how to completely entertain myself in my own fashion. As much as I love being around Gee, there's still something special to the feeling that when you're traveling alone and knowing that if there's anything you want to stop and do, then YOU CAN - no questions asked. Strange thoughts pop into my head at this time such as "I wonder if any of these dozen video stores have any old Coliseum Videos? Maybe I should stop and check them all.", "Where the hell can you buy Fried Oreos in this town?", and "Ya know, if I stopped by the ex's house I bet I could still nail her." Not that I actually did ANY of these things, but you get the point.

So anyways, I talked shop with Rudd for awhile and then waited on Mom to get home to feed me (yeah boy, that's the definition of Of course I had to wait outside a locked house for 2 hours so in traditional Spazzy fashion, I sat up my dub station on the front porch and watched the last CSA show (another moment in time that a female companion would have little patience for). I then headed off to the last place I probably need to be unsupervised (that being Reidsville, NC) where I crashed for the night. Actually, I had a great time hanging out with Erica and others and it was very, very refreshing. I think if I keep getting to spend two days a year in Reidsville every year then I'll be much better off mentally.

After some piss poor sleep, I headed off to Gibsonville for the annual RCW fall festival show which we were supposed to be at at normally, if I am at a show just an hour before it starts I'll start having convulsions, but this was definitely the exception to my rule.

1. "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel and J-Money defeated Justin Feeche and Gregory Vercetti in 10:49 of a semifinal match in the RCW tag team title tournament when Money pinned Vercetti: Basic, fine little opener and the first time I actually got to see Feeche work this year. Crowd was sucking though and not popping for ANYthing despite some good stuff. **1/4

2. Kurt Solo and Mikael Yamaha (with Brad Stutts in their corner) defeated Brass Munkey and Redd in 11:29 of a semifinal match in the RCW tag team title tournament when Yamaha pinned Redd:

Wow, how do I even attempt to rate this sucker. Let me just go ahead and say DUD although it was a solid ****1/2 on the personal entertainment scale. Redd will never be able to enter into the Bert Tripp-realm of love but holy crap, him vs. Yamaha is one of those matchups that just brings a tear of joy to my eye. Anyways, Yam almost breaks his foot 30 seconds in when Munkey bumps on it, followed by a hilarious bad headlock sequence, finished up with the hiptoss from hell on Redd which is just a priceless piece of videotape gold.

3. RCW Intercontinental champion and King of Gibsonville Tank Lawson pinned Mini Bull (with Kingfish in his corner) in 6:37: Honestly, kinda pointless considering they were both so involved in the main later on. Waste of time aside from general ring time. DUD.

4. Xsiris, Alex Nicaso, and Ryin Andrews (with Brad Attitude in their corner) defeated "Classic" Chris Collins, Orlo, and Terry Dallas in 14:05 when Nicaso pinned Dallas: Wow, I got Yamaha-Redd and then this sucker on the same show. I either had a nightmare about this match or a wet dream once...I'm just not sure which. This thing was just all over the place and went way too long but everyone had fun and I was entertained. Yeah, you're looking at * at best, but still...

5. "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel and J-Money defeated the Unholy Empire (Kurt Solo and Matt Houston with Brad Stutts in their corner) in 11:25 to win the vacant RCW tag team titles when Edsel pinned Solo: Fascinating match that you would swear was intentionally booked like this. Yamaha's injured foot takes him out of the match and he gets replaced by Kurt's former partner, Matt Houston, as the two had just separated in real life due to various "philosophical differences", shall we say. **1/2.

6. RCW Intercontinental champion and King of Gibsonville Tank Lawson pinned Rob "the Bull" McBride (with Kingfish and Mini Bull in his corner) in 8:38 of a no-disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere match: Just chaotic stuff with the hilight being Mini Bull (Robbie) pulling out an open field tackle on a fan that had run off with Kingfish's hat. I swear, Kingfish is the most lovable bastard in the world but rest assured, each year he is gonna piss off some redneck in Gibsonville. 1/2*.

Overall thoughts: If I was a fan that paid to see this show, I'd be looking to gun someone down afterwards but for us in the biz, it was just about as entertaining as it gets. I'll watch this sucker on repeated viewings far more than some of the more highly praised workrate shows.

After the show it was off to the hospital for Yam and the torn tendon in his foot. Had a whole list of options of entertainment for Saturday night, including heading to the lucha show in Raleigh with the bosses, goin out with the boys for Joe's birthday in GBoro, or embarking on another quest to visit the Titus clan; but I ended up just hanging out with the cripple, Dangers (for a few), Stutts, and Katie for the rest of the day which was just as fun, a lot cheaper, and a lot less trouble that I could get into than my other options.

Sunday rolled around with about a two-hour nap interval around 5am and of course, sleep takes a back seat to football so it was off to the home of my heart, Chapel Hill. A fine fine day at Bailey's, annoying Yamaha and being beaten half to death by Flagler during the Dolphins game. The San Diego Super Chargers broke out the powder blue jerseys and were unstoppable which left me giddy for days. With the demise of the Fins, Packers, Panthers, Bucs, Bengals, and 49ers; the powder blue jerseys are pretty much THE hilight of the NFL season for me so far.

As the week went on, we had a rare Thursday show at the Burke County Fair in Morganton presented by Burke County Wrestling (but of course). Got to hang out with Xsiris some and watch his pain as to who wasn't on the show (him) and who was (some really untrained mo fos). The show opened with an insanely large hot crowd of around 200. By the end of the opener, it was down to about 125. I've actually lost my notes as to the names of these goofballs but who's ever idea was it to let them even attempt to work a match yet needs to be kicked in the nads a few dozen times. Just for the record, the finish was the famous second rope -***** frog splash. George South was out next and promptly applied the overhead wristlock on his trainee proclaiming "I bet this is the only one of these you'll see tonight!" and "Let's see if I can get the other half of the crowd to leave!". Ya gotta love George. I swear, he gets more mileage out of doing absolutely nothing than anyone. Up next, Krissy Vaine pinned GeeStar in 9:49 in what was only their second singles match ever (which is kinda amazing considering K's been working for a solid year and a half). Better than their previous meeting in January and K is becoming one of those workers that will seriously make you step your game up a notch. Good, solid **1/2 stuff from the girls. Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant and Tristian Blade defeated Bruiser Graham and "Terrific" Tony Lane in your traditional Boogie match. However, despite a George South match, followed by the girls, followed by Boogie, this was NOT the end of the show as the geniuses at Burke County Wrestling still had THREE matches left, all with their boys. Now, I'm not saying that their guys can't work or don't deserve top billing in some places but it is simply suicidal to 1) try and follow the heat of those previous three matches and 2) to run a SEVEN match fair show.

I'm in a pretty darn good mood right now, so I'm gonna just skim right past any of the bummer nights of the week and dwell on those when I decide to be depressed again and instead concentrate on the wrestling show reviewathon for now which brings us to Saturday and SWA at the West Central Community Center in Pfafftown, NC.

1. "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel pinned Crybaby Chris in 7:37: Uhhhh...yeah. Best Crybaby Chris match EVER. Corey Edsel is a very nice, well-behaved, human being. 1/4*.

2. Scar Stevens (with Destiny Devine in his corner) defeated "The Spotlight" Scottie Gash by disqualification in 8:56: Basic heel with hidden gimmick match. Nothing bad, just generic. 3/4*.

3. Will Smooth battled "Slick" Ric Converse to a 10:00 time limit draw: Second verse, same as the first. Nothin bad, just there. Pretty much as expected. *.

4. Big Daddy Cole pinned the Shadow (with Road Boss in his corner) in 8:08 of a no-disqualification match win his second SWA Southern States title: Same thing..just kinda there. 1/2*.

5. SWA tag team champions Twisted Aggression (Mitch Norris and Sean Powers) battled J-Money and Xsiris to a no-contest in 10:10: Good demonstration of why I would just love to do a shoot Lethal Lottery show sometime. Lots of history and all kinds of stuff to draw upon before X does the expected and turns on Money. **

6. GeeStar defeated Amber O'Neal and Krissy Vaine in 6:09 of a triangle match when she pinned Vaine: Surprisingly good as 9 times out of 10 triangle matches/three ways are just clusters but this was actually decent, believable, and all that other stuff that makes a match for me. A little too short to become something REALLY notable, but it was on it's way. **1/2

7. SWA Heavyweight champion Garry "Madd Trucker" Stevens pinned Brad Attitude in 10:10. "Wild" Shane West was the special gust referee: As I've noted before, the best thing about SWA shows is the funkyfied matchups that you never get to see anywhere else. Fine little wrestling match before the goofiness set in to entertain the fellow workers. **. Nothing against the match, but the hilight would come in the post-match festivities as Corey Edsel makes the save and then breaks kayfabe on the mic, heeling on a fan who was mocking the Mid-Atlantic title.

Overall thoughts: Not bad, but just a very bland show for the most part. Very forgettable aside from a couple of spots.

And with various games of ESPN NFL 2K5 breaking up the time between events, the four shows in eight days journey finally came to a close last Sunday with RCW "Boogie Jam" at Rider's In The Country in Greensboro. This was actually a pretty historical show as far as the NC Indys go as it would be Jimmy Valiant's final match in GBoro.

1. The Unholy Empire (Kurt Solo and Matt Houston) defeated Justin Feeche and Terry Dallas in 11:32 when Houston pinned Dallas: If I had to pick out a worker to get the near-riot sympathy from the crowd on this show, it sure as heck would NOT have been Terry Dallas. But sure enough, the kid bashes the top of his head into some light fixture on the low lying ceiling and the crowd thinks he's dead. Meanwhile, Feeche is hilarious playing the babyface while "Praising Allah". Not a classic by any means, but it was entertaining which is all I can ask, RCW has that formula down pat. *1/4. Side note: As Kurt and Henry are leaving the ring some old lady tries to be sneaky but nutshotting them with her cane.

2. Brass Munkey & American Steel Ninja defeated Kamakazi Kid & "Classic" Chris Collins, Mini Bull & RCW Intercontinental champion Tank Lawson, and Bruiser Graham & Gregory Vercetti in 16:44 of a four corners match when Munkey pinned Vercetti: As far as four-ways go, this was as unclustered as you're gonna get probably. I still hate these damn matches though. Kazi-Ninja had spot of the night as Kazi hooks the Fujiwara out of Ninja's "Ninja Warrior" flying shouldertackle. **

3. 1/2 of the RCW tag team champions and CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight champion "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel defeated RCW Heavyweight champion "Slick" Ric Converse by countout in 16:28 a title vs. title match: After all the matches these two have had lately, I really expected this one to be a completely toned-down version of the previous classics. Instead they go on to have the best Riders match ever and really, just a legit finish away from surpassing Explosive Elements 2003. Corey even breaks out the EMERALD FUSION for the first time ever and I lose my mind on the apron, trying to contain my excitement as I whisper/mouth to Randolph "He hit Emerald Fusion! He Hit Emerald Fusion! He's never hit Emerald Fusion!" God I'm a big f'n mark. Corey was also the only true worker that the bar crowd totally got into and this match easily had the best heat of the entire night. ****1/2

-Brad Stutts interrupts Brian Hall for a promo which prompts a rather rotund fan to leap into the ring to "take matters into his own hands." Thankfully, Brian is able to maintain control before everything gets too far out of hand. Old lady tries stabbing Stutts in the nads with her cane like she did with Kurt and Henry earlier so I kick the thing out of the way which of course earns me heat from the old broad as well.

4. Mighty Orlo pinned Xsiris in 6:36: Boy was I ever scared to death of this one. Had to give X the last rights beforehand as he attempted to carry Orlo in Orlo's first singles match EVER. Amazingly enough, they pulled it off as X kept it toned down and simple enough to be effective. He walked out under his own power and that's probably as remarkable as a ****1/2 match ever happening at Rider's. *

5. Mikael Yamaha and Krissy Vaine (with Brad Stutts in their corner) defeated Amber O'Neal and 1/2 of the RCW tag team champions J-Money (with GeeStar in their corner) in 8:52 when Vaine pinned O'Neal: Oh god, great, great fun stuff as everyone just had an absolute ball out there. Not a great match by any means, but they really weren't even going for that. *1/2. Bonus Hilight from post-match festivities as sweet, innocent Amber comes to the camera and drops the F BOMB, stating her quest for revenge on the referee (Redd) and his posterior.

6. Gigolo defeated King of Riders champion Hank the Enforcer, Larry Isley, and Grease in 4:38 a four corners match to win the DSH championship when he pinned Hank the Enforcer: Tell me you don't sleep with one eye open at night when you see this matchup on the booking sheet. But thank god, it was kept short and wasn't all that painful. Yeah, it was a DUD of course but could have been FAR worse.

7. Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant, Rob "the Bull" McBride, and Brian Hall defeated Cody Gunn, Brad Stutts, and the United Nations of Devastation (Drake Tungsten and Hugh B. Johnson) in 16:59 of a handicap hair vs. hair match when Valiant pinned Tungsten. Tungsten had pinned McBride at the 16:05 mark but the match was restarted due to controversial officiating: A disaster at various points but the finish totally saved everything as I was seriously wondering if the riot would finally happen if Rob's head had gotten shaved. A fitting final sendoff for Boogie as they shave Tungsten bald which is then followed minutes later by the beautiful kayfabe-break celebration of all the workers paying tribute to Boogie. 1/2* but as memorable as any dozen **** matches.

Overall thoughts: The good was great, the bad was short, and the rest was memorable adding up to what has to be the best Rider's show ever and a very hard act to top to say the very least. Show ran too damn long, but that's Riders for ya. Other than that, lots of fun and once again, the locker room was one big happy family and nothing will make you love this business more than when you have that feeling with your bros and sisters.

Wow, finally caught up...hopefully I'll have something a little more thought provoking here soon, but hopefully the reviews were entertaining at least. Love to all you people that make life so wonderful to me! To the old friends and the new..god bless you all!

Monday, October 04, 2004

After what was just a wonderful week hilighted by two wrestling shows while traveling all over the Carolinas while being surrounded by both old and new friends from start to finish, you better believe this sucker will be a long BLOG entry....

Before I go into the events of the weekend, let me do a mini-rant and plug a few things: For the love of god, if you're going to have a BLOG and actually want people to read the damn thing, then write about something OTHER than freakin' politics! Thanks to, I always check out what other bloggers have read my stuff here and 9 times out of 10, their BLOG is nothing but just that. It just bores me to tears to read people's opinions on politics. If I wanted that, I'd buy a newspaper or turn on CNN. It's the same reason that my worst blog entries are the ones surrounding the NFL and movie reviews. You can read that stuff anywhere and there's nothing to differentiate my thoughts from the millions of others out there. For all you people that just go on and on and on about politics, for the love of god, will you PLEASE insert a little bit of individuality and rant on the last time you got plastered and made out with your cousin or something??

Now, those that do both, I'm cool with. But if you only maintain a blog to rant about politics, get a grip. My blog could be nothing but wrestling but that would get old quick and I like wrestling a hell of a lot more than you like Kerry or Bush. Trust me.

I do wonder what goes through people's minds when the read this stuff that don't know me. Hopefully they're entertained and if you're one of those that check this thing out on occasion and if you DON'T know me, drop me a line and let me know what ya think. Maybe one day I can reach such lofty standards as Internet Quasi-Celebrity Jason Mulgew who I probably put over way too much on here but his writing style is as good as any I've ever read BLOG-wise and he made me laugh my ass of for about 3 days with his explanation of the "Angry Dragon". My sidebar lists my fav blogs anyway, but while I'm at it...let me take a sec to plug Randolph's which he just started and I'm sure will have some wonderful rants (plus, he puts me over all the time too so how can I not love him). Brad Rainz' blog actually doesn't have a damn thing to do with wrestling which is probably more sane than the rest of us. I gotta mention Trent Wylde's blog too which is still in the very early stages but is already a very interesting read for those of us in the biz, albeit a bit bitter sounding at times. And finally, one of the last people I expected to start a blog does just that: Brass Munkey. While I'm at it and speaking of things that I laughed my ass off at for 3 days, I HAVE to mention the Sean Baby Page and more specifically the Super Friends section of that site. Holy god, when I first started reading that stuff a couple of years back I would be literally in tears reading those profile writeups of the heroes and villains. This goes back to that whole "writing style" thing. Yeah, the Internet ain't exactly full of fine literature but man, when someone actually has a flair for writing it stands out SOOO much.

Ok, that's enough BLOGing about BLOGing to say the least...

Between wrestling, football, friends, and females; sleep did the serious JOB this weekend. I did two shows but between the heart & soul of CWF, the crew actually did freakin' SIX shows this weekend: OMEGA MADE, CWF Mid-Atlantic, NWA Mid-Atlantic, LAW, Ring of Honor, and some oddball show on Sunday in VA...for coverage of the ROH show, you'd need to head over to Stutts' BLOG to read his review of that fine piece of business.

On Friday afternoon, we stole the Hurri-car and headed off to Greenville, SC for the current edition of the OMEGA promotion, ran by Thomas Simpson and entitled OMEGA MADE. Their shows are held in a small warehouse (WWC Arena). 50 or so in attendance I wanna say. One of those very rare times that I didn't get to tape the show so I just chilled in the lockerroom, watched the show, and babysat Yamaha.

1. Mikael Yamaha battled “The Cold” Alyx Winters to a 10:00 time limit draw: The pre-match lockerroom discussion left me with some serious ammunition to completely nail Yamaha with in the future that is SO good I'm not about to waste it here. I have to have an audience, with Shane Helms in it, before unleashing this doozy. As far as the match goes, Yamaha actually hyper-extended his knee halfway through this thing which led to a very agonizing to watch final five minutes. Winters, by the way, has a really solid look and could definitely see him having that Joey Silvia-like following if he ever works up this way much.

2. Guillotine LeGrande defeated Dexter Poindexter to win the MADE Nu Skool title: I saw very little of this as I was playing the role of Yamaha's bitch. There was also some random tag match in here that even in the back didn't really have the names written with any kind of legibility on the booking sheet.

3. Thomas Simpson, Nathan Starr, and “The Cold” Alyx Winters defeated Shelby Goodwin, T.C. Bright, and Justin Sensation in a best two out of three falls match: Strange little match with Thomas, playing the role of chicken-shit heel manager despite being pretty much the leader in there with some of his recent trainees. It was during this that I realized that a Thomas Simpson-Brad Stutts match HAS to happen one of these days despite all better judgment.

4. Krissy Vaine pinned Amber O'Neal: The best singles match that I've seen these two have together yet. Good job girls.

5. "Cut Throat" Josh Cody pinned Krazy K to win the OMEGA Cruiserweight title: Crowd was dying by this point and I'm not sure a spot-fest is what they're gonna react too. Of course, they were dead for the psychology-based opener too, so who knows.

Random thought from the post-show meal: Ok, look here, Denny's or IHOP or any other place that I try to eat at at 1am. If you are out of something on the menu, DO NOT give me double of something that I didn't want in the first place. If you are out of onion rings, DO NOT give me onion petals or dried-up chicken tenders or fried Alpo or whatever the fuck no one else wanted!! Just be honest. If I ask if you're out of anything on the sampler platter, I'm referring to the fucking photo on the menu, not your current vision of what you feel the Sampler platter is! Christ all mighty, it's not a difficult concept.

Got back to the house and played way too much ESPN NFL2K5 into the wee hours of the morning including an incredible double OT 10-7 loss to the Funkmaster Flex squad. For the record, if you're playing with a friend and they leave you in a 3rd and 11 situation and then bitch that you passed the ball and got an INT, rather than run it on 3rd and 11, then smack them. Hard. Repeatedly. And do it for me.

Onto Saturday, and CWF Mid-Atlantic "The Next Level" up at the CSA in Burlington. Whew boy, this show was a freakin' ball and man, I'm gonna sound like one constant blowjob after another here I'm afraid...

1. Kamakazi Kid (with Kid Kazi in his corner) defeated Chris Collins, Will Smooth, and J-Money in a four-corners match when he pinned Collins: One of these things is not like the other...I love that line. Anyways, I walk into the CSA around 3:30 in the afternoon and the first person I see: Chris Collins. Man, I don't know if I could have been happier if Playboy Tripp had been sitting there. Kazi makes his surprise return after a three month orbital bone absence and gets a very solid pop, although not what it would have been had he been able to make a TRUE "Holy crap" return by punking out Yamaha. Still came off just fine though and Kazi looked completely rejuvenated. Will Smooth meanwhile, pulled off the biggest bonehead mistake of the match by NUTSHOTTING Money on a CWF show and thereby costing himself what little spot he had to start with. The biggest problem with this match is that it was completely worked like a normal tag match until close to the finish when Smooth and Collins started working one another which had both fans and workers in the back going "WTF?". **

2. "Wild" Shane West pinned "Madd Trucker" Garry Stevens: Pretty paint-by-numbers with generic big heel-small baby psychology. Perfectly acceptable, but not on the level of what these two are capable of when they really get to cut loose. *1/2

3. Kid Justice and Orlo defeated Alex Adonis and Gregory Vercetti when Orlo pinned Vercetti: Wow. Just wow. My new favorite tag team has officially arrived. Against a heel I have no problem in despising at all in Adonis along with this Vercetti guy who I had NEVER even heard of but is freakin' great. Vercetti does one of those Italian gimmicks but is as good at it as anyone I've seen and his bumping, selling, and charisma are all awesome. Even Flagler made mention of this the next day, and believe me, he's brutally honest about what keeps his interest in a match. Meanwhile, ya just gotta love Orlo, who is just greener than grass and is unquestionably the greenest CWF trainee to ever be allowed to step foot in the ring. As he continues to develop though, he's just gonna be AWESOME and what he could do with Jeff Rudd pulling the strings is just scary. The match itself was probably *1/2 at best workrate wise, but just was as entertaining as all get out.

4. Venus pinned Russell Simpson: This match was like a blueprint of how to get a new worker in a territory over. Gee intros Venus as the new "male equal in the female worker department" and Venus goes on to back it up in a VERY solid match with Simpson, who is no slouch himself. This match was actually pretty simple but Simpson did such a great job of working the crowd, that it seemed to be just off the charts. The crowd was totally into Venus and the awesome, out of nowhere bitch slap to Gee post-match only got her that much MORE over. So in about a 10 minute span, we got not only a new male worker over, not only got a new female worker over, but also gave the CSA fans a reason to care about Gee's character again as the post-match intensity was just money. If they can maintain half that realism and hatred through a real match, we'll be good to go. **1/2

5. Twisted Aggression (Mitch Norris & Sean Powers) defeated the Mid-Atlantic tag team champions Brass Munkey and American Steel Ninja in a non-title match: Speaking of realism and hatred, these four pulled that off better than ever in this one and are finally turning the corner in this feud and seem to be on the verge of making it stand out. Despite a title win and everything else, Munkey and Ninja haven't had a REAL feud with serious heat since the days of UNOD last year and it looks like we may be finally getting to that point. Babyfaces working like heels cause "I've taken all I can, and I can't take no mo!". I do kinda feel for the workers in this sucker though cause MAN, is the eventual chain match gonna be STIFF. **3/4

6. Corey Edsel pinned "Slick" Ric Converse in a no countout, no disqualification, no time limit match to win his second Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight title.

Well, they did it. When so many others have failed, they did it. Surpassing the HYP, surpassing the greatness of all their past battles. You know that Southern Indy scale? Let's get it out of the way now: *****. Damn. It did it. Didn't think it would, but it did. Now that the rating is out of the way and I can get panned for going the full monty, here's why it was all of that and more: It was as if the entire promotion had been booked over the past three years to build to this specific moment, starting from the time Corey and Ric were two of the inaugural members in HYP in April 2001. I don't know who laid out this match; whether it was Jeff, Ric, Corey, or a combination thereof. Whoever did it, this is a tribute to you. This match was a flawless combination of everything that ever made this series of matches great. The technical
start was very reminiscent of the 30:00 draw from last month. Then we segued into the wild outside-the-ring brawl; shades of not only the Explosive Elements match, but also the double-countout match, and in many ways, what I felt was actually missing from the no-countout match. And then the home stretch to the finish. After avoiding the backdrop driver that has always spelled doom before, Corey hits it. And Ric kicks out. Ric hits a jaw dropping, out of nowhere Richter scale on Corey that was as perfect of a desperation finisher that you could ever see. Corey kicks out and you could hear a pin drop in the audience. It was a strange feeling. The crowd built and built throughout the match. Many were cheering for Ric actually...almost 60/40 in their support much like a great heavyweight fight which this match resembled. Corey seemed to be going for the Tiger Driver which he once finished Ric off with but, after all is said and done and with the no-DQ rule in effect, has to resort to the one move that was banned to finally put Ric away: the piledriver. I LOVE that finish. Just beautiful in it's symmetry, dating back to the UNOD-Crew feud last year and the original banishment of the hold. This was everything a heavyweight title match could ever dream to be. The ONLY thing that would have made this match better was if it could have been performed on a larger stage which it deserved. Thanks for the match guys.

Overall thoughts: Obviously, an awesome show but there's more to it than that. CWF has put out a very solid string of shows this year and by no means is this a knock on any of the great workers that were NOT in attendance on Saturday, but it was such a refreshing change of pace. No Xsiris, no Attitude, no Yamaha and amazingly enough; CWF became a better promotion because of it. When you have new workers in a territory, you never know exactly how they'll perform, much less how they'll be accepted. And no matter how great a promotion is or how great their workers are, there comes a time when you HAVE to interject some new blood into it to keep the matchups fresh and the fans constantly entertained. With this one show we had the rebirth of Kazi (as over as ever), the return of Collins (looking much better), the first real match for Orlo (over like crazy even with doing the simplest of stuff); and the debuts of Vercetti, Venus, and Simpson (all of which got over big time). Make no mistake, this was a very shaky show undercard wise with a bunch of question marks headed into it and just about everyone came up BIGTIME. Major props to all the new talent.

As if that wasn't enough, then came Sunday which hey, they play football on that day ya know! Chilled with Flagler at Bailey's again watching every single one of my favorite teams lose. And just miserable losses for the most part: Panthers, Packers, Bengals, Dolphins...ugh. Tampa Bay played over their heads and with alot of heart as John Lynch returned home but still fell to Denver. Not much to get excited about on Sunday, that's for sure. Had my usual ball hanging out with the big man though and left way too late considering I still had a 2+ hour drive home and stubborn me still wanted to visit others on the way home. Visited some fans in GBoro that are quickly friends and was thoroughly entertained for a couple of hours before having to head back home.

Well, I'm completely blown up from recapping this weekend so I guess that's my cue to wrap it to all!

I was born 8/25/75; although I did attend an Elvis Presley Concert in Greenboro, NC 35 days BEFORE I was born (7/21/75). I Have lived in NC, MO, CA, GA, and WI. I went to high school at Northgate High School in Walnut Creek, CA (89-90) and Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, NC (90-93). Attended one year at the Savannah College of Art and Design as a Video major (93-94). Worked at WAAP TV 16 in NC from 94-96; WLUK FOX 11 in Green Bay, WI from 96-97; and WGHP FOX 8 in High Point, NC from 97-99; doing various duties including Master Control, Directing, Technical Directing, Editing, Camera, and Audio opeartion. Started an on again/off again with Independent wrestling in 1997, holding video production for local shows (which was the early basis of Statmark Video itself). Then, in December 2000, Statmark Video went fulltime, handling video production for various Independent promotions around the state of NC including CWF Mid-Atlantic, the stand-out promotion in the Carolinas that embodies the heritage of the old MA territory. I handle videography, assistant producer, and color commentary chores for them. The broadcast can be seen throughout the Carolinas as well as parts of VA, GA, and NY on various cable outlets.
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Mikael Yamaha & Sexton Tyler vs. Joey Silvia & Brad Rainz (11/8/03):
"That seriously is the worst match I've ever been at ringside for and I managed Mark Michaels." - Brad Stutts

"I thought that match was fucking great." - Mikael Yamaha

"A mother fucking Butterfinger beats the shit of a G-D Clark Bar" - Flagler

(well, 6 if you count God...)
My stepmom, Peggy
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August 25, 1975 (I was born, so yeah, it's up there)
July 21, 1987 (become officially hooked on wrestling)
October 17, 1989 (The California Earthquake)
June 10, 1994 (got first job in television)
April 26, 1996 (moved to Wisconsin)
March 28, 1999 (met Gee)
December 30, 2000 (the first CWF show)

1. Inner Happiness
2. Friends
3. Family
4. Affection
5. Health
6. Respect
7. Money
8. Food
9. Sunshine
10. Boobs

1. Shawn Michaels
2. Ricky Stamboat
3. Bret Hart
4. Chris Benoit
5. Kurt Angle

1. Barry Sanders
2. Steve Young
3. Randall Cunningham
4. Brett Favre
5. Don Beebe

1. Troy Aikman
2. John Elway
3. Randy Moss
4. Rob Johnson
5t. Kerry Collins
5t. Michael Irvin

(somewhat interchangeable depending on circumstances)
1. Carolina Panthers
2. Green Bay Packers
3. Cincinnati Bengals
4. Miami Dolphins
5t. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
5t. San Francisco 49ers

(somewhat interchangeable depending on who's being a bigger pain in the ass this week)
1. Dallas Cowboys
2. NY Jets
3. NY Giants
4. Baltimore Ravens
5. Washington Redskins

1. Frankfurt Galaxy (1996 NFLE home version)
2. Orlando Thunder (91-92 WLAF home version)
3. San Diego Chargers (powder blue throwback home version)
4. Cincinnati Bengals (basic '90s home version)
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1976-1995 home version)

1. 1994 NFC Championship (1/15/95): Dallas Cowboys (28) at San Francisco 49ers (38)
Notes: After two consecutive heart-breaking losses in the NFC title game to the Cowboys and the constant shadow of Joe Montana hanging over his head, Steve Young FINALLY gets over the hump in the most gratifying payoff to what seemed to be a never-ending chase that I've ever seen. I was literally jumping up and down on the control room table while at work at WAAP and still get chills to this day when watching hilights from the game. It was magic and I'll never forget it.
2. 1996 NFC Championship (1/12/97): Carolina Panthers (13) at Green Bay Packers (30)
Notes: While not a great game by any means, I lived in Green Bay during this one, having moved away from NC the year before and everything surrounding the game just has SO much meaning to me. The expansion Panthers go to where no one ever expected them to be while the Packers try and go to the SuperBowl after having not been there in 30 freakin' years. I do my best to try and cheer for the Panthers knowing that if they win, the suicide rate in Green Bay is going to skyrocket. You had to be in GB then to really understand what this game meant to those people and to their lives and they got their payoff. God bless them.
3. 2003 NFC Divisional Playoff (1/10/04): Carolina Panthers (29) at St. Louis Rams (23) (OT)
Notes: The emotionally draining double OT classic that by the end if it, I could barely cheer as I was about to pass out from exhaustion. Even now I can barely write anything about the game because it was THAT draining.
4. 1992 AFC Wild Card Playoff (1/3/93): Houston Oilers (38) at Buffalo Bills (41) (OT)
Notes: Even if you didn't give a crap about either team, if you watched football in the early 90s, you KNOW this game. I was on the way back from Florida, listening to some of the game in the car on the radio. Houston's up 35-3 in the 3rd quarter so I allow Dad to change the station. We check back awhile later at which point it sounded like OJ was reporting about the Bills victory...but that couldn't be right...could it?? Was the radio signal fuzzy...or was that the crowd? What the hell was going on in Buffalo? Was their a riot after the Bills lost? oh couldn't have.....OH MY GOD!!!
5. Monday Night Football (12/22/03): Green Bay Packers (41) at Oakland Raiders (7)
Notes: In one of the most incredible individual performances you could ever see, Brett Favre decides to not end his consecutive game streak and plays just one day after his father passed away from a heart attack. Incredibly, Favre throws for 399 yards and 4 TDs in a win that would become very vital in sending the Packers to the playoffs just one week later.
Honorable Mention:
SuperBowl XXIII (1/22/89): San Francisco 49ers (20) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (16) - the game that made me a fan for life.
SuperBowl XXV (1/27/91): NY Giants (20) vs. Buffalo Bills (19) - unbiasedly speaking, the best game I've ever seen.
1996 NFC Divisional Playoff (1/5/97): Dallas Cowboys (17) at Carolina Panthers (26) - the official arrival of the Panthers, and could there have been a better team to smack around?
Monday Night Football (12/18/00): St. Louis Rams (35) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (38) - the Bucs' revenge game after getting screwed in the '99 NFC title game.
2002 NFC Championship (1/19/03): Tampa Bay Buccanners (27) at Philadelphia Eagles (10) - The Bucs' finally get over the hump after being ousted by the Eagles in the playoffs two straight years and win the game no one thought they could win. I'll never forget the radio call as Rhonde Barber seals the deal with a 92 yard INT return as dreams had become reality and the freakin' BUCS were going to play in a SuperBowl.
Week 17 (12/27/03): Minnesota Vikings (17) at Arizona Cardinals (18) - All the Vikings have to do is hang onto an 11-point lead over the lowly 3-12 Cardinals with just 2 minutes to go in order to go to the playoffs and win the division. They then procede to pull off the biggest choke job ever, completely blowing it, missing the playoffs, sending a crowd at Lambeau Field 1,000+ miles away into a complete frenzy, with my favorite radio call ever as Arizona's Nate Poole catches the winning TD as time expires with the Vikings announcer screaming "Noooooooooooooo!" Noooooooooo!".

This is a list of MY favorite matches of all-time (well, at least for this week anyways)...yes, there ARE better matches workrate wise in some cases, but these are my personal favs, so quit arguin'.
1. Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat (WrestleMania III, 3/29/87)
2. Bret Hart vs. Curt Hennig (SummerSlam, 8/26/91)
3. Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat (Chi-Town Rumble, 2/20/89)
4. Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat (WrestleWar, 5/7/89)
5. Rick Rude vs. Ricky Steamboat in a 30:00 Ironman match (Beach Blast, 6/20/92)
6. Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham (Crockett Cup, 4/11/87)
7. Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle (Royal Rumble, 1/19/03)
8. 1992 Royal Rumble (1/19/92)
9. Bret Hart vs. Davey Boy Smith (SummerSlam, 8/29/92)
10. Owen Hart vs. 1-2-3 Kid (King of the Ring, 6/16/94)
11. Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon in a Ladder match (SummerSlam, 8/27/95)
12. Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart (In Your House, 2/18/96)
13. Brian Pillman vs. Jushin Liger (SuperBrawl II, 2/29/92)
14. Brian Pillman & Steve Austin vs. Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas (3/2/93)
15. Curt Hennig vs. Tito Sanata (Saturday Night's Main Event, 7/16/90)
16. Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind (In Your House: Mind Games, 9/22/96)

1. Great American Bash '89
2. SummerSlam '91
3. WrestleMania III
4. WrestleMania XIX
5. WrestleMania XX
6. 1987 Survivor Series
7. Beach Blast '92
8. Canadian Stampede
9. SuperBrawl II
10. WrestleMania VIII

1. CWF Mid-Atlantic; April 17, 2004; Burlington, NC
2. CWF/AWA Mid-Atlantic "New Year's Knockout"; January 8, 2005; Burlington, NC
3. CWF/FWA-Carolinas "Triumph"; September 28, 2002; Graham, NC
4. CWF/FWA-Carolinas "Ultimatium"; January 26, 2002; Burlington, NC
5. CWF/AWA Mid-Atlantic "Night of the Mid-Atlantic Legends"; February 5, 2005; Seagrove, NC

1. VCW; March 16, 2001; Mt. Airy, NC
2. Wahoo McDaniel Memorial Show; July 13, 2002; Charlotte, NC
3. NMCW; February 16, 2002; Albemarle, NC
4. SWA 1st Anniversary Show; August 2, 2002; Huntsville, TN
5. Warriors of Wrestling; March 13, 2004; Southern Pines, NC

1. 1. San Francisco, CA
2. Orlando, FL
3. Green Bay, WI
4. Savannah, GA
5. Los Angeles, CA

1. Tokyo
2. NFL Hall of Fame - Canton, OH
3. Cedar Point - Sandusky, OH
4. Honolulu
5. Pontiac Silverdome

1. Busch Gardens (Williamsburg, VA)
2. Islands of Adventure (Orlando, FL)
3. Universal Studios (Los Angeles, CA)
4. Walt Disney World (Orlando, FL)
5. Universal Studios (Orlando, FL)

1. Elvis
2. Me First & the Gimme Gimmes
3. "Weird Al" Yankovic
4. Creedence Clearwater Revival
5. Bloodhound Gang

1. TGIFriday's
2. Applebee's 1. Tecmo Bowl
3. Madden 2003
4. Pro Wrestling
5. WrestleMania 2000

1. NFL Network
3. FOX
4. Boomerang
5. ESPN Classic

1. Dukes of Hazzard
2. Family Guy
3. King of the Hill
4. Incredible Hulk
5. Greatest American Hero

1. Evil Dead 2
2. Dead Alive
3. Army of Darkness
4. Rocky Horror Pitcure Show
5. Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil Subhumanoid Flesh Eating Living Dead Part 2

1. The Crow
2. Puppet Master
3. Twice Dead
4. The Frighteners
5. Dawn of the Dead (2004)

1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
2. Undercover Brother
3. Naked Gun
4. Christmas Vacation
5. Tommy Boy

1. Kill Bill Vol. 1
2. Con Air
3. Terminator 2
4. Back to the Future
5. Back to the Future 2

1. South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
2. Space Jam
3. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
4. Lilo & Stich
5. Transformers: The Movie

1. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
2. BASEketball
3. Dodgeball
4. The Replacements
5. Major League

1. The Crow
2. Spider-Man
3. Batman
4. Spider-Man 2
5. Howard The Duck

(or whatever they're called if there's more than three of them)
1. Evil Dead 1/Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness
2. Clerks/Mallrats/Chasing Amy/Dogma/Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
3. National Lampoon's Vacation series
4. Back to the Future
5. Nightmare on Elm Street

1. Tetsuo the Iron Man
2. Nekromantic
3. Nekromantic 2
4. Society
5. Motorama

1t. Darkman
1t. Psycho
3. Scooby Doo
4. There's Something About Mary
5. Man on the Moon

1. Rocky Horror Pitcure Show
2. Summer School
3. Cocktail
4. The Replacements
5. Dude, Where's My Car?

1. Bruce Campbell
2. No One Else Matters

1. Sam Raimi
2. Kevin Smith
3. Quentin Tarantino
4. Peter Jackson
5. John Woo

(excluding people I actually know for both their own sake and mine)
1. Noki-A (with the mask only!)
2. Trish Stratus
3. Pamela Anderson
4. Jillian Barberie
5. Lindsay Lohan (2003-2004 only!)

Brett Favre, Reggie White, Desmond Howard, The Rock, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, Mick Foley, Owen Hart

1. March (ACC tourny/March Madness/WrestleMania/Many noteable memories in relationship land from March/Start of Spring)
2. September (NFL Kickoff/Indy Rumble)
3. January (NFL Playoffs/Royal Rumble)

1. December (Start of Winter/The Headache that is the Holidays/The College Football Playoffs...oh, wait...what's that? They don't have any?? Freakin' morons.)

Barry Sanders
Walter Payton
Emmitt Smith
Earl Campbell
Jim Brown
Roger Craig
Gale Sayers
Billy Sims
OJ Simpson
Marshall Faulk
Thurman Thomas
John Riggins
Eric Dickerson
Larry Csonka
Franco Harris
Ottis Anderson
Marcus Allen
Edgerrin James
Steve Van Buren
Tony Dorsett
Jerome Bettis
Ricky Watters
LaDainlian Tomlinson
Priest Holmes
Eddie George

Bret Hart vs. Curt Hennig (8/26/91)
Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart (3/20/94)
Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin (3/23/97)
Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper (4/5/92)
Bret Hart vs. Davey Boy Smith (8/29/92)
Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels (11/25/92)
Bret Hart vs. Curt Hennig (6/19/93)
Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair (10/12/92)
Bret Hart vs. 1-2-3 Kid (7/4/94)
Bret Hart vs. Davey Boy Smith (12/17/95)

Sometime around WrestleMania XIV I believe, PWI put out this major WMania magazine and listed every single freakin' Mania match in order from best to worst (all 100+ of those suckers). So, on a much smaller scale, I present my pointless tribute to that, the CWF Mid-Atlantic Battlecade list of matches, from best to worst (5 Battlecades have been held for those oblivious to what the heck I'm yammering about).
1. "Slick" Ric Converse vs. CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight champion "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel with Brad Attitude as the special guest referee (V)
2. CWF/FWA-Carolinas Heavyweight champion "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel vs. "Nite Stic" Eddie Brown (III)
3. Krazy K vs. Kamikazi Kid in the "Rising Generation League" tournament finals (IV)
4. CWF/FWA-Carolinas Cruiserweight champion Mikael Yamaha, Sexton Tyler, and Amber Holly vs. Caprice "Ice" Coleman and Main Attraction (II)
5. CWF Mid-Atlantic TV champion Mikael Yamaha vs. Xsiris vs. Kamikazi Kid vs. Number Man in a "Fatal 4 Way" match (V)
6. Gemini Kid and Mikael Yamaha vs. the United Nations of Devestation (Drake Tungsten & Hugh B. Johnson) for the vacant CWF/FWA-Carolinas tag team titles (III)
7. John Brooks and David Cole vs. Krazy K and Dexter Poindexter (V)
8. CWF/FWA-Carolinas Heavyweight champion Madd Maxx vs. "Nite Stic" Eddie Brown (II)
9. Kid Justice vs. Jesse Ortega in the "Rising Generation League" tournament finals for the vacant RGL title (V)
10. CWF Mid-Atlantic tag team champions Brass Munkey and American Steel Ninja vs. Drake Tungsten and Matt Houston in a non-title match (V)
11. CWF Cruiserweight champiobn Gemini Kid vs. Hot Property vs. Mikael Yamaha in a triangle match (I)
12. Maxx Madd vs. Ethan Cage in a Hardcore match (I)
13. Brass Munkey and American Steel Ninja vs. "Tremendous" Trent Wylde and CWF Mid-Atlantic Cruiserweight champion Xsiris (IV)
14. The $outh$ide Playas (J-Money and L.A. Cash) vs. Kenny James and Xsiris (III)
15. The Hirydaz (Mikael Yamaha and Gemini Kid) vs. CWF Mid-Atlantic tag team champions Brad Attitude and Brad Rainz in a hair vs. titles match (IV)
16. "Slick" Ric Converse vs. CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight champion "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel (IV)
17. CWF/FWA-Carolinas Cruiserweight champion "Slick" Ric Converse vs. Joey "Spank" Silvia (III)
18. Rising Generation League champion Kamakazi Kid vs. Brad Attitude (III)
19. Garry "Madd Trucker" Stevens vs. Ryin Andrews (V)
20. Joey Silvia vs. Alex Stone (IV)
21. Sexton Tyler vs. Stephen O' Hara (III)
22. The $outh$ide Playas (J-Money and L.A. Cash) vs. Sean Powers and Mitch Norris (IV)
23. Rob "the Bull" McBride vs. "Tremendous" Trent Wylde (V)
24. Tony Platinum vs. J.T. Sparxx (II)
25. Don Kernodle vs. Black Hart (I)
26. The Wild Eyed Southern Boys ("Wild" Shane West & Gary "Madd Trucker" Stevens) vs. Dexter Poindexter and Rob "the Bull" McBride (IV)
27. Lexie Fyfe vs. Amber Holly (I)
28. Carolina Stud vs. Kid Courageous (I)
29. The Spoiler vs. "Classic" Chris Collins (V)
30. Bounty Hunter vs. Malaki (III)
31. The New $outh$ide Playas (J-Money and Will B. Smooth) vs. Alex Adonis and Jay Sinn (V)
32. "Mighty" Orlo Helmer vs. "Red Hot" Tim Blaze (V)
33. Ethan Cage, Kenny James, and L.A. Stevens vs. Granite, Johnny Blaze, and "Playboy" Bert Tripp (II)
34/35. Otto Schwanz vs. Dewey Cheatum and Pat Cusick in a guantlet match (III)
36. Rob McBride vs. Larry Isley (II)
37. CWF/FWA-Carolina tag team champions the Southside Playas (J-Money and L.A. Cash) vs. Otto Schwanz and Jeff Justice (II)
38. Fun Lovin' Criminal and Kozmo vs. Patrick O' Hara and J.P. Fairchild (I)
39. The Russians vs. Chris Collins and Deacon (III)

2/15/88, WWF
Hearns Coliseum; Columbia, MO
Notes: B-level house show with a 14-man battle royal as the main, won by Jim Brunzell as he dumped the Bolsheviks (payback for doing the job in tag action earlier on the show). Match of the night would easily by the Jumping Bomb Angels defending the WWF Women's tag team titles against the Glamour Girls.

3/7/90, WWF
Cow Palace; San Fracisco, CA
Notes: This was a 23-match, 3-week Wrestling Challenge taping and the "Ultimate Challenge Special" that aired on the USA network leading up to WrestleMania VI. The official main event was WWF World champion Hulk Hogan & the Big Bossman defeating Mr. Perfect & the Genius. In other action, WWF IC champion the Ultimate Warrior & Jake Roberts defeated Ted DiBiase & Akeem and WWF tag champs Andre the Giant & Haku defeated the Rockers by DQ.

6/10/90, MLB:
Oakland A's 3, Kansas City Royals 2
Oakland Coliseum; Oakland, CA
Notes: Jose Canseco is on the DL as then second-banana Mark McGwire carries the load. Multi-sport star Bo Jackson strikes out each time at the plate...and breaks his bat each time as well.
The Future: Oakland would go on to win the ALCS before being swept by Cincinnati in the World Series.

3/30 & 4/1/91; NCAA Final Four:
Kansas Jayhawks 79, UNC Tarheels 73
Duke Blue Devils 79, UNLV Rebels 77
Duke Blue Devils 72, Kansas Jayhawks 62
Hoosier Dome; Indianapolis, IN
Notes: Duke pulls one of the biggest upsets in tournament history, knocking off powerhouse UNLV en-route to winning their first ever national championship.

10/30/92, NBA:
LA Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers
Dean Dome; Chapel Hill, NC
Notes: This otherwise forgettable perseason game would actually become fairly noteable as it would turn out to be Magic Johnson's final game before retiring due to the AIDS virus (and subsequent pressure). Of course he would end up returning to the NBA after a hiatus which rendered this game a little more meaningless.

2/17/93, ACC:
UNC Tarheels, Clemson Tigers
Dean Dome; Chapel Hill, NC
Notes: Clemson's Chris Whitney goes 8-10 from the 3-point line but Clemson remains winless 4EVER at UNC.
The Future: UNC would go onto win the 1993 NCAA National championship less than two months later.

2/25/94, NBA:
Atlanta Hawks 111, Milwaukee Bucks 100
Omni; Atlanta, GA
Notes: The Bucks were horrid at the time and the only saving grace to even watch the game was to see Dominique Wilkins play. Then, the day BEFORE the game, Wilkins gets traded to the other side of the country to the LA Clippers.
The Future: The Hawks would tie a franchise record with 57 wins this year and go to the second round of the playoffs before losing to Orlando

12/17/94, NBA:
Charlotte Hornets 111, Denver Nuggets 92
Charlotte Coliseum; Charlotte, NC
The Future: Charlotte would make the playoffs but go out in the first round to the Bulls.

8/15/95, MLB:
Baltiore Orioles 8, Cleveland Indians 3
Camden Yards; Baltimore, MD
Notes: This would be Cal Ripken's 2,110th consecutive game played, 21 before he broke Lou Gehrig's all-time record.
The Future: The Indians would go all the way to Game 6 of the World Series before finally losing to Atlanta.

3/31/96, WWF WrestleMania XII
Arrowhead Pond; Anaheim, CA
Notes: Shawn Michaels realizes his "boyhood dream" by defeating Bret Hart in OT of a 60:00 Ironman match. I can be seen clearly on the "Free-For-All" countdown show holding my "Shawn Is God Here" sign. I also attended the 1996 Slammy Awards, held the day earlier.

6/23/96, WWF 1996 King of the Ring
The Mecca; Milwaukee, WI
Notes: A pivotal show that led to the "boom" as Steve Austin coins his "Austin 3:16" phrase after winning the KOTR tournament. Also, WWF World champ Shawn Michaels goes over on Davey Boy Smith in a frequently overlooked match.

6/24/96, WWF RAW IS WAR
Brown County Arena; Green Bay, WI
Notes: A three-week taping for RAW, most noteably hilighted by the Ultimate Warrior defeating Owen Hart by DQ which would turn out to be Warrior's last WWF match EVER as he bailed on the company the next week. This show was also highlighted by Brian Pillman saying "GD" on live TV and two awesome Shawn Michaels matches, as he went over Billy Gunn and former partner Marty Jannetty in a tremendous outing.

3/23/97, WWF WrestleMania 13
Rosemont Horizon; Rosemont, IL
Notes: The defining WWF match of the boom as Bret Hart and Steve Austin put on a 5-star classic. I also attended the 1997 Slammy Awards, held the day earlier.

5/5/97, WWF RAW IS WAR
Brown County Arena; Green Bay, WI
Notes: This was the episode of RAW where the Hart Foundation would search throughout the arena for Shawn Michaels the whole night. The main event had Steve Austin pinning WWF European Champion Davey Boy Smith in non-title action. In a never-aired match taped for Coliseum Video that was never released, Brian Pillman wrestled his first match in over a year as he teamed with Davey Boy and Owen Hart against Steve Austin and the Legion of Doom.

9/28/97, WWF
Brown County Arena; Green Bay, WI
Notes: House show card main evented by the Undertaker defeating WWF World champion Bret Hart vby DQ. The show is most noteable for the fact that it was Brian Pillman's next-to-last match ever (he was pinned by Goldust) as he would pass away seven days later. Also on the show, Mankind defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley in a falls count anywhere match.

2/5/99, WWF
Greensboro Coliseum; Greensboro, NC
Notes: House show card hilighted by Steve Austin defeating Kane, the Rock, and World champion Mankind in a fatal four way match.

5/10/99, NBA Playoffs Round One:
Atlanta Hawks 89, Detroit Pistons 69
Georgia Dome; Atlanta, GA
Notes: Dikembe Mutombo sets a personal playoff high with 28 points as Atlanta goes up 2-0 in their series.
The Future: Atlanta would win the series 3-2 before losing to the Knicks in the Eastern Conference semifinals. However, this game would be remembered more for getting absolutely trounced in the ratings by RAW which scored an 8.1 to the game's 1.7.

5/15/99, Break The Barrier
Viking Hall (ECW Arena); Philadelphia, PA
Notes: This was the very strong but poorly recorded joint Indy show at ECW Arena, put on by Scoops' Al Isaacs. Very strong show live that was never done justice on videotape.

6/27/99, WWF 1999 King of the Ring
Greensboro Coliseum; Greensboro, NC
Notes: Billy Gunn wins the KOTR tournament. Children cry.

9/27/99, WWF RAW IS WAR
Greensboro Coliseum; Greensboro, NC
Notes: The classic RAW with the Mick Foley-Rock "This Is Your Life" segment. This would also be the final RAW written by Vince Russo as he left the company later in the week. For actual wrestling content, the The Rock battled WWF World champ Triple H to a no contest when Davey Boy Smith attacked both men.

4/23/00, WWF
Greensboro Coliseum; Greensboro, NC
Notes: House show card with WWF tag team champs Edge & Christian defeated the Hardys and the Dudley Boyz in a triangle match main event. Noteable earlier matches were WWF European Champion Eddie Guerrero pinning Kurt Angle after Chyna interfered and the Rock & Chris Jericho defeating Chris Benoit & WWF World champion Triple H when Rock pinned Benoit.

8/29/00, WWF Smackdown
Crown Coliseum; Fayetteville, NC
Notes: Pretty basic SDown taping, highlighted by Al Snow winning the European title from Perrty Saturn and a Angle-Guerrero main event as the backdrop to HHH-Stephanie's relationship woes.

1/22/01, WCW Nitro/Thunder
Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum; Winston-Salem, NC
Notes: Dual TV taping hilighted by the WCW tryout/debuts of Christopher Daniels and Michael Modest in which Daniels nearly breaks his neck. Then on Thunder, Rey Misterio Jr. wins an awesome "Cruiserweight Contender Countdown" match (Gauntlet Match).

7/30/02, WWF Smackdown
Charlotte Coliseum; Charlotte, NC
Notes: Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero surprisingly jump from RAW to Smackdown and then go onto defeat Rock and Edge in the main. In other action, Hulk Hogan defeated Kurt Angle by DQ and Rey Misterio Jr. pinned Yoshihiri Tajiri.

9/16/03, WWE Smackdown
RBC Center; Raleigh, NC
Notes: Brock Lesnar defeats Kurt Angle in a 60:00 Ironman match to win the WWE Undisputed title. In other action, Eddie & Chavo Guerrero defeated Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin to win the Smackdown tag team titles.

10/27/03, NFL:
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12, Carolina Panthers 9
Ericsson Stadium; Charlotte, NC
Notes: Bucs K Martin Gramatica hit a 47 YD FG with 47 seconds left for the win. QB Randy Fansani made his first ever NFL start for Carolina, going 5 for 18 with 46 yards and 3 INTs, never to be heard from again.
The Future: Tampa Bay would go on to defeat Oakland and win SuperBowl XXXVII


Chapel Hill, NC:

Green Bay, WI:

Walnut Creek, CA:

Orlando, FL:

Savannah, GA:

This is an extensive list of the movies I have reviewed since my BLOG originally debuted and the star ratings I gave them, from best to worst
***** - The Incredibles, Pauly Shore Is Dead
****3/4 - Kill Bill Vol. 1
****1/2 - Spongebob Squarepants The Movie, Bubba Ho-Tep, Spider-Man 2
****1/4 - Longest Yard, Saw, Dodgeball, Kill Bill Vol. 2, Shrek 2
**** - Sin City, A Dirty Shame, Friday Night Lights, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, Mean Girls
***1/2 - Freddy vs. Jason, Bad(der) Santa, School of Rock, Club Dread, Dawn of the Dead (2004)
***1/4 - Napoleon Dynamite, Super Size Me
*** - The Grudge, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Elf, Soul Plane, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, 50 First Dates, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Daddy Day Care
**3/4 - Lilo & Stitch 2, Be Cool, The Girl Next Door, Rundown
**1/2 - Seed of Chucky, Fat Albert, Shark Tale, Mr. 3000, The Haunted Mansion, The Ladykillers, Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, Vampire Effect
**1/4 - Team America: World Police, Psycho (1998), Frostbite, Garfield, Lion King 1 1/2
** - Infection, Hitch, The Hulk, Without a Paddle, Eurotrip, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
*3/4 - Barbershop 2: Back in Business, Marci X, Gothika
*1/2 - Guess Who, Dave Chappelle - For What It's Worth, White Noise
* - Racing Stripes, Scary Movie 3
3/4* - Taxi, The Village, Along Came Polly

Starting back in 1992, my buds and I would do random Fantasy Sports Leagues and in tribute to those great moments and friends of years long since passed, here are the all-time results. Fantasy Baseball '92
Playoffs: Chris def. Dave 4 games to 0
Playoffs: Ben def. Grant 4 games to 1
World Series: Chris def. Ben 4 games to 2
Fantasy Football '92
SuperBowl: Grant def. Chris 21-19
Fantasy Basketball '92-'93
Playoffs: Chris def. Dave 2 games to 0
Playoffs: Grant def. Devon 2 games to 1
Finals: Chris def. Grant 3 games to 1
Fantasy Baseball '93
Playoffs: Devon def. Grant 4 games to 2
Playoffs: Chris def. Josh 4 games to 3
World Series: Devon def. Chris 4 games to 2
Fantasy Football '93
Playoffs: Chris def. Josh 83-62
Playoffs: Dave def. Grant 68-52
SuperBowl: Chris def. Dave 86-72
Fantasy Basketball '93-'94
Playoffs: Grant def. Jason 2 games to 0
Playoffs: Dave def. Devon 2 games to 1
Finals: Dave def. Grant 3 games to 2
Fantasy Baseball '94
Playoffs: -Strike Cancelled Season-
Fantasy Baseball '95
Playoffs: Grant def. Chris 4 games to 1
Playoffs: Josh def. Dave 4 games to 3
World Series: Grant def. Josh 4 games to 3

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